Salud thenew way of drinking

We salud you to a journey full of taste, class and the extraordinary — welcome to Salud!

Elevating every moment

We import and sell premium+ drinks. In everything we do, we take the “experience” to the next level. By building brands, crossing borders and approaching the market in creative ways with a team of professionals, we know how to activate “sparkle” with brands and customers every time.

Story-telling at our core

At Salud, our collaborations go beyond just drinking. From unique events to personalized bottles, we bring brands to life. Our passion for creative collaborations ensures unforgettable experiences.

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Stauning X HØST

Personalized bottle for Hardwell

Pride Amsterdam

We are
more than a distributor

We're more than just a distributor; we're storytellers. There is a unique story behind each bottle, and we bring those stories to life. Our focus on brand identity and groundbreaking creativity drives annual growth in sales and brand experience. We believe in long-term goals and strive for the right brand experiences with our partners. No isolated activations or hasty campaigns, but a thoughtful, comprehensive approach. Our 360-degree approach includes sales, social media, PR, and more. We go beyond the visible; we involve all five senses to create unforgettable experiences. At Salud, it's not just about what we deliver, but about the impact we leave behind at every level.


We offer brands with a rich story, pure craftsmanship & quality drinks; a premium plus selection.